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From: Ruben Rodriguez
Subject: Selecting
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 22:01:38 +0200
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I've looked through the replies (both to this thread and to the FSF
staff suggestions thread) and as I joked in a previous meeting, both got
to pretty much the same tie. The consensus is to go with either Hermetic
or jShelter.

I think both have good potential, but since we have to choose one, I
think the most clear cutting line between the two is the amount of
results in search engines. Hermetic is a regular word with millions of
results, and jShelter doesn't have any pre-existing results or
associated meanings. Domains for jShelter are also easily available. I
think we should go with that option.

This is in any case not my sole decision, so please comment back if
there is any last thoughts or issues I may have missed.

On 6/29/21 10:20 PM, Ruben wrote:
> Hi team,
> I've put together all the suggestions I could track, and loosely grouped
> them. Here are some qualities we have discussed:
>  * Positive: should bring up concepts from a positive POV.
>  * Should not be used already for a software project, unless very
> remotely. Hard to find!
>  * Should not be too technical, but convey general concepts that don't
> require previous knowledge.
>    - Because of this, we discussed whether it should mention JS at all.
> I think names like JavaScript Restrictor or JavaScript Shield go too far
> on that direction, but incorporating JS in some amount could be ok. The
> extension is a JavaScript engine patcher, so referencing JS would not be
> out of place.
> Yesterday I came up with my current choice, jShelter. It is short,
> positive and unused. It would work well with a hermit crab logo/mascot.
> It does mention JS, but with that spelling it does it in a minimal way.
> From names that avoid technical references completely, my vote is for
> "Hermetic". Either one would fit great with a hermit crab as a mascot.
> - Functional; With explicit reference to JavaScript
>   - JavaScript Restrictor / JSR
>     * (+) It conveys what the extension does in a true way. (-) It
> sounds quite technical, and somewhat in a negative way.
>   - JavaScript Shield - ScriptShield
>     * (+) Positive/Neutral. (-) It doesn't necessarily convey the right
> concept (a shield made of JS?). ShieldJS is an Node.js package.
>   - jShelter
>   - tamedscript tamescript tameJS tamedJS (already used)
>   - unscripted
>   - Scrintercept
>   - ScriptAffect / ScriptEffect
>   - ScriptShadow
>   - ScriptSmack
>   - SlapScript
>   - ScriptSure / SureScript
>   - JuggleScript
> - Abstract names (names of animals or other things that sound appealing
> in an abstract way).
>   - Duck Back (A duck's back is slick so that water flows away smoothly.
> Water cannot penetrate the duck's back and is instead misdirected
> smoothly off. Ducks are cute. The duck is already associated with
> privacy with DuckDuckGo and might get some hits from the association.)
>   - Hermit Crab (character concept wearing different shells)
>   - hedgehog, hystrix, porcupine, armadillo, turtle, turtoise
>   - Capuchin (because they are smart monkeys, and I was thinking about
> ScriptMonkey..)
>   - Pillbug -- Another animal whose body has explicit protection
> mechanisms, with a reference to the venerable "Firebug" extension.
>   - Myrtle (Myrtle the Turtle)
>   - Armordillo, Protector Armadillo, Armadon't
>   - Turtle Shell / Tortoise Shell (maybe confusing to use "shell")
>   - Javelina
>   - Coffee Crab
> - Functional Names ( referring to a quality or function of the software)
>   - Protect me -- A general privacy concept.
>   - Misdirection -- Adding a magician concept to highlight misdirecting
> snooping attempts.
>   - Hideout -- A place to find a bit of comfort while evil things are
> out there.
>   - Off-track -- About turning trackers off, and about going out of the
> pathway that they've laid out for you.
>   - Hermetic -- A way to keep your browsing "sterile", free from
> contamination. This angle brings up nostalgia for a time when we didn't
> have to watch our steps while following URLs. There's also a bit of a
> pun with the character of the hermit crab.
>   - Coffee Filter (a filter for your java(script))
> Please all reply with 2 choices, let's see if there are favorites.
> Cheers,

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