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Development meeting minutes august 9

From: Ruben
Subject: Development meeting minutes august 9
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2021 17:57:56 +0200
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* Levels of protection proposal:
  * Some confusion about how to interpret the images. Long discussion,
refer to "Levels of protection update proposal" for notes on this. Long
story short we decided to provide a system of sliders to configure the
settings of each wrapper grouping, per domain. Further choices need to
be made to display this in coordination with the global level, and a way
to revert back to the default for a domain or wrapper group.
*  Version 0.5 ready for testing and testing. Giorgio's commits are
ready to be applied to the master branch with no changes. Libor would
apply those changes, run tests, and if nothing fails will release,
otherwise would report back for fixing.
  * Following this task Libor would move to the proposal of change of UI.
  * Current version to be published as JSR
    * FSF to register jshelter.org and look into setting up a vm for
manufactura to deploy the site.

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