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GUI redesign part 2

From: Libor Polčák
Subject: GUI redesign part 2
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2021 14:47:34 +0200
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* Levels of protection proposal:
   * Some confusion about how to interpret the images. Long discussion,
refer to "Levels of protection update proposal" for notes on this. Long
story short we decided to provide a system of sliders to configure the
settings of each wrapper grouping, per domain. Further choices need to
be made to display this in coordination with the global level, and a way
to revert back to the default for a domain or wrapper group.


please see the new image that should cover our discussion.

The user can select the default level in the configuration. We will provide the 
levels that we have know and the user can fine-tune them.

The user can redefine the protection for currently visited domain or page (see below for open issues). When 
the user changes the configuration, the "Referesh page" button appears. If a category protection 
differs from the inherited, the "Reset" button is shown. The user can "Reset all" 
redefined protections.

The user should be able to easily access documentation on the groups or the 
whole extension.

Open issues:

* NSCL provides a way to detect TLD+1. I think that we should leverage this and 
by default let the user configure the protection for the TLD+1 (as shown in the 
figure). The user should have the possibility to click on a part of the domain 
to change the application of the modified protection, for example, should the 
user click on fit, the rectangle should change to:


If the user changed the configuration in the past, the popup should display 
that and show the most specific configuration and not the TLD+1.

* What groups of wrappers do we create?

* Do we show both calls protected and call not modified (or protectable) 
columns or just the calls protected column?

* I think we did not discuss this on Monday but I also added the possibility to 
set a specific level per URL (I guess we can omit query and fragment part). The 
reason for this is that we know that many pages employ fingeprinting scripts 
during log in. We should let the user turn of the protection for just that 
page. So if the user clicks on the path of the URI, the rectangle changes to:


The user can define a specific level for that URL.

Please comment.

Let me know if I forget some details from Monday.



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