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Re: Wrapper groups

From: Libor Polčák
Subject: Re: Wrapper groups
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2021 15:43:48 +0200
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Thinking about the proposal further...
             parent_object: "MediaDevices.prototype",
             parent_object_property: "enumerateDevices"

This protection needs to be off for some sites performing calls, e.g. Big Blue 

Similarly on some web sites the user might want to enable WebGL or Canvas or 
other functionality but the user might still want the fingeprinting protection 
offered by other wrappers.

Do we go for an all or nothing approach or do we enable the user to redefine 
settings for specific wrappers only? IIRC we discussed group expansion on 

If we allow the user to expand the group and redefine a single wrapper, what do we show 
in the protection level column of the popup? For example, we can hide the slider and show 
a text like "Custom settings".



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