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Development meeting minutes 23/Aug/2021

From: Ruben
Subject: Development meeting minutes 23/Aug/2021
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 17:54:28 +0200
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  * Last time we met Libor wanted to release right away, but some bugs
appeared. Giorgio did a lot of work to fix issues, and we are now closer
to a workable code. Some integration tests are failing, so Libor will
work with his team on this and the release should be ready.
  * Giorgio is now closer to free to work on UI and can start working on
a mockup. Some code is already available reporting what the wrappers are
doing, and can be given to the UI. Some care needs to be taken to make
sure this reporting mechanism can't be used by hostile sites.
  * Libor will work on the background and level definition, planing to
start in about 1-2 weeks.
  * We discuss UI proposal
    * group wrappers by feature that the end user may want to enable,
instead of grouping by type of attack.
    * Remove reset column by showing a hint for default value on the slider
    * Simplify (for now) the URL selector, implement per-path
functionality later on
    * The call count may be limited to raw number, not counting
unmodified ones
  * For PR publication, add a paragraph to explain the origin of name,
combination of projects and give more relevance to the university and
JSR role in the total. Send last version of the PR text to Libor for
  * Ruben will request information and schedule accessibility/security
review with NLnet
  * End of September is the deadline for billable items for NLnet. We
assigned ourselves end of august as a deadline for the project
  * Ruben will look into requesting an extension for jsShield to line up
with the schedule of JSR project. JSR may, based on NLnet capacity for
extensions, to request some more time as well.

Ruben Rodriguez | Chief Technology Officer, Free Software Foundation
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