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Design meeting minutes 30/Aug/2021

From: ana
Subject: Design meeting minutes 30/Aug/2021
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2021 15:50:48 +0000


Here's the list of topics and to-dos from today:

- Include LibreJS headers on site scripts
- Include RSS feed for blog posts (having a post when there is a release ensure 
we're publishing release announcements too)
- Set up auto-deployment on the new VM (Manufactura will send SSH public key)
- Ensure the site can be built on Trisquel and other environments without 
- Rebase/Merge the website branch with master/v0.5
- Add a section on "How to document wrappers" to New Wrapper and/or Coding 
Style Guide pages
- Set up website generation for other branches
- Move docs/ content to the website content dir and eliminate duplicates
- Review website for a11y compliance - Libor noted that white and light red had 
little contrast so we'll review this too
- Refine logo and generate sized versions of the icon for the different browser 

Libor, in the call you mentioned something about "new authors" but we lost the 
Did you mean that the Credits/contributor list was updated or that we should 
include the author in the blog posts?

Thank you!

All the best,

Ana Isabel

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