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Re: Correction to readme on licensing

From: Lina Ceballos
Subject: Re: Correction to readme on licensing
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2021 15:13:49 +0200
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Hello Ruben and Libor,

Yes, I suggested that feature as a good practice to give a more clear insight on the licenses that are used on the project. That is actually why I also suggested to mention to check individual files in order to know what file is under what license. The idea of REUSE is that people who check the project can have access to that information in individual files.

You can always modify that part in the README file, keeping in mind that all the licenses used in your project are part of the LICENSES/ directory, so you can redirect the reader to your LICENSES/ directory.
However, I would keep the part of checking individual files for acquiring information, just to be in line with the spirit of REUSE.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have further questions



On 8/31/21 8:36 AM, Libor Polčák wrote:

Replacing open source with free software is a no brainer. Do we know a lawyer opinion on the mentioning of other licenses?
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