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Re: [Klog-users] help. rig control

From: Jaime Robles
Subject: Re: [Klog-users] help. rig control
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 07:59:22 +0100
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noel escribió:
Hello Noel,
Those messages are printed when KLog start. Is the inizialization of hamlib.
You are not sending any description of the problem... What is the problem
I suppose you cannot control your rig...

The hamlib support is not the best part of KLog ;-) I want to re-write it.
However it works... Have you selected the appropriate port and rig model?
And.. have you tried to access your rig directly from the "rigcontrol"
command from the console?

>rig: loading backend gnuradio
>rig:  lt_dlopen("hamlib-gnuradio") failed (hamlib-gnuradio.so: cannot 
>open shared object file: No such file or directory), trying static 
>rig: dlsym(initrigs2_gnuradio) failed (klog: undefined symbol: 
>rig: loading backend microtune
>microtune: _init called
>rig_register (2101)
>rig_register (2102)
>rig: loading backend tapr
>tapr: _init called
>rig_register (2201)
>rig: loading backend flexradio
>initrigs2_flexradio called
>rig_register (2301)
>rig: loading backend rft
>rft: _init called
>rig_register (2401)
>rig: loading backend kit
>kit: _init called
>rig_register (2501)
>rig_register (2502)
>rig: loading backend tuner
>tuner: _init called
>rig_register (2601)
>libpng error: PNG file corrupted by ASCII conversion
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Un saludo,
        Jaime Robles, EA4TV

   http://hurones.net - Hurones en la red!

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