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Re: [Klog-users] build klog on Gentoo - FindHamlib.cmake

From: George L. Emigh
Subject: Re: [Klog-users] build klog on Gentoo - FindHamlib.cmake
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 13:50:18 -0400
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I'm glad I was able to help, I'll look into it as time permits and fix it 
somehow. :)

On Wednesday, June 09, 2010, Jaime Robles wrote:
  > Hello George,
  > I have just added your code to my main source as it works 99%! :-P
  > > This should work for any distribution of linux.
  > > FindHamlib.cmake is attached.
  > I said it works 99% because the 1% missing is a minor bug.
  > The line:
  >        message(STATUS "Hamlib version: ${VERSION}")
  > Shows, when running the version of KLog, not the hamlib version.
  > Do you know if this can be easily solved?
  > What I am going to do is to comment out this single line of your
  > FindHamlib.cmake file and distribute it.
  > Again... THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your brilliant work with cmake!!

George L. Emigh - AB4BD

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