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Re: [KLog-users] [Klog-users] Importing a log with power levels

From: Jaime Robles
Subject: Re: [KLog-users] [Klog-users] Importing a log with power levels
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 19:37:56 +0100

I have just checked your comment and I have been able to reproduce the "error"...

It is not an error, as decimal point is an optional requirement of ADIF[1], but you are right that KLog is not implementing it yet and it may be used by QRP operators.

The problem is that KLog can only work with integer, not float/double values for power... However, it is easy to add this feature and I will try to add it as soon as possible.

I have 0.5.8-RC1 ready, but I will try to add this feature for 0.5.8 or 0.5.9, anyway... I will try to have this feature in a released version of KLog during 2011 (this month).

Thank you for the report.

Jaime, EA4TV

2011/12/6 Grant McDuling <address@hidden>
Hi, I am trying to import my log over from Xlog and noticed that the power column is left with 0 in it even though there are power levels in my original Xlog. I did export the log from Xlog as an adif. Any ideas about how I can make sure the power levels come across? This is important as I am an avid arp operator.

Grant McDuling
Writer, copy-editor and proofreader
mob 0400 261 149

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