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Re: [KLog-users] KLog – Catalan and Finnish translations

From: Rick Kowalewski
Subject: Re: [KLog-users] KLog – Catalan and Finnish translations
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2018 15:15:20 +0800
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Hi Jaime,

Nice work on .9.  Did fix some things I saw.

With regards to Satellite use:
It would be nice to see what bird was used for the QSO, in the Log tab.  Maybe even have the tab customisable to show wanted fields (at a quick glance)?

I see there are 2 mode fields, MODE and SAT_MODE.  I take it MODE is for FM or USB.  Perhaps SAT_MODE can be used for up/down mode ie V/U, U/V, L/V etc.  Also have that data stored in the SQL table.

Rick VK6RK

On 29/01/2018 01:58, Jaime Robles wrote:

Hello all,


Just a few hours after releasing I discovered one bug and received a bug report about another one… I also received two more KLog translation files (Catalan & Finnish) so I though it was time for a quick release.

This is the changelog for this release:

January –
– Bugfix: Adding new QSO that implies a DXCC or WAZ status already worked failed.
– Bugfix: Modes were not properly added from the setup (TNX KB2YSI).
– UI Change: Freq in the Satellite tab is now not deleted when a new QSO is added.
– Updated translation: Catalan by Josep (Thank you!)
– New translation: Finnish by Kristjan (Thank you!)

You can download KLog from:

Enjoy KLog!


Solo unas horas despues de liberar descubrí un error y me avisaron de otro... además recibí dos traducciones nuevas (Catalán y Finés) así que pensé que era momento de hacer una versión rápida.

El changelog de esta versión:

Enero –
– Error: Añadir un QSO que implicaba un DXCC o WAZ que ya existía fallaba.
– Error: Los modos no se añadían correctamente (TNX KB2YSI).
– Cambio UI: Freq en la pestaña de satélites no se borra cuando se añade el QSO.
– Traducción actualizada: Catalán por Josep (¡Gracias!)
– Nueva traducción: Finés por Kristjan (¡Gracias!)

Espero que disfrutes KLog!

Jaime, EA4TV

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