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Re: [KLog-users] Frequency resolution, DX Locator getting lost

From: Jaime Robles
Subject: Re: [KLog-users] Frequency resolution, DX Locator getting lost
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2020 08:39:45 +0200

Hello Jeff,
Both comments sound like bugs... i would not say you are using KLog wrongly...

I will check what's going on...

Thanks for the report.

Jaime, EA4K

El sáb., 22 ago. 2020 19:30, Josef 'Jeff' Sipek <jeffpc@josefsipek.net> escribió:

New user here, so excuse me if the answer to my question is obvious or if
there is a better place to ask this.

I'm running klog 1.2, compiled on FreeBSD 12.1.

Is there a way to log a frequency that has higher precision than 1 kHz?
E.g., I'd like to enter 14.2755 MHz but the input box won't let me type the
last 5.

Also, I noticed that the "DX Locator" field is left empty when I click "Edit
QSO" on a log entry.  Then, if I don't fill in the field again and click
Modify, the empty locator is saved - losing the previously saved locator.
Am I using it wrong?



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