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[Koha-devel] Improvements forecast in 2.2.6

From: Henri-Damien LAURENT
Subject: [Koha-devel] Improvements forecast in 2.2.6
Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 17:49:04 +0100
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hi koha-folks,
We (Paul and I) are thinking about some improvements here in France on
next Koha subversion.
They will be on Serials management and Acquisition.
We propose you them to see whether we are heading in the good direction
or we are going nuts ;).
Any (serious) comment on the following propositions will be welcome. :)

Serials Management
Adding a YesNo system preference (say SerialaddItems) in order to add
items on issue reception for a serials.
If this syspref is set to 1 (Yes), when managing reception of an issue,
a new line (under number would come out and propose to input item
information such as :
- barcode,
- homebranch (holdingbranch would be the same),
- itemcallnumber (if managed in items tab),
- items.status (if items.notforloan manage in item tab),
- location (if managed in items tab)
(The issue number would be stored into items.notes.)

ATM, we have a big deal with receptions.
We do not really manage a history of parcels reception. And people
cannot know which book came in which parcel.
We are striving to make things better.
Here is what we came to :
In order to manage parcels and reception, when one clicks on receive on
the supplier page, one shall be provided with the parcels list ordered
by datereceived descending PLUS the possibility to add create a new one.
Each parcel will be clickable
When clicking one will be able
- to see what he received
- to add lines to one parcel whenever he wants.
- (Maybe) to see and manage what is still to be received from this supplier.

This will in some ways make the same thing as basket management but from
reception view.

One can never be aware of partially received baskets.... unless user
lateorders or histsearch.... but this is not so user-friendly.
What can be suggested is to add a non printable column qtyreceived to
basket information, with price, qty, qtyreceived and rrp bold if
reception not completed.
One can never see old baskets. We suggest :
When clicking suppliername on order.pl, let us not edit supplier
information but rather display supplier information with three buttons :
- Edit Supplier Information (Easy)
- View basket history (where the WHOLE history of baskets would be
displayed with the same information as those displayed on current
baskets in order.pl page)
- View reception history (the same page as the one we suggest to add for
parcel management)

We are waiting for comments.
Have a nice day.
Henri-Damien LAURENT

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