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Re: introduction

From: Paavo Parkkinen
Subject: Re: introduction
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 12:07:10 +0300
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On Thu, 27.10.2005 at 09:52 +0200, Ronald Aigner wrote:
> Could you send us a link to your bachelor's thesis (if in english)?

1) It's in finnish.
2) It's not finished yet.
3) It doesn't really contain anything that isn't in these articles:

* Kieran Harty and David Cheriton: A Market Approach to Operating
  System Memory Allocation
* Paul Tucker and Francine Berman: On Market Mechanisms as a Software
* Donald F. Ferguson and Christos Nikolau and Jakka Sairamesh and
  Yechiam Yemini: Economic Models for Allocating Resources in Computer
* Neil Stratford and Richard Mortier: An Economic Approach to Adaptive
  Resource Management
* Michael P. Wellman: Market-oriented Programming: Some Early Lessons

It's basically just my reading of the articles and trying to
understand what a market-based model might be in resource management
and especially in memory management. Nothing new to any (or at least
most) of you so I see no reason to translate it to english.


 kremlin kanavien soppaa

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