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Re: awareness + flexibility + security

From: Martin Schoenbeck
Subject: Re: awareness + flexibility + security
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 19:24:45 +0100
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Bas Wijnen wrote:

What does this chip do?  It allows people to check that a remote computer is
running unchanged code.  In other words, it allows people to restrict changing
of code ("if you change your code, you cannot use my service").  I do not see
any other use of the chip.

And exactly that is something, I perhaps want to know, if I put my business on a remote webserver. I can't see the evil then.

Now in a case like ATM machines, this may be acceptable.  But it isn't
acceptable for GNU.  The whole reason GNU was started was to prevent this and
to allow people to change the code they use.

So if my webserver provider wants to modify the code, he may do so. I then want a copy of it, so I could - at least possibly - check, what he did, and that it is *this* code, which is running on the webserver. I again can't see the evil.

No no, this isn't about copying music, it's about making modifications to
software.  I also think that DRM is a very bad idea, but that's not what I was
trying to state.

You are not hindered, to modify software. You are just hindered, to fake, you didn't.


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