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Re: Emacs and glibc malloc API change

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: Emacs and glibc malloc API change
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2016 20:33:01 -0800
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[changing the Subject: line, and CC:'ing libc-maintainers]

Richard Stallman wrote:

But people will want to build the current Emacs release, and
and maybe some older ones, for some years yet.  To say, "From now on,
Emacs versions before 25.N will not work on GNU" would make users

So far as we know, recent Emacs should work even after the proposed glibc change is installed. For example, if you build Emacs 24.5 on a system with the new glibc, it should still work. Emacs may perform slower on some benchmarks, but as far as I know ordinary users won't notice the problem, and in any event when glibc changes memory allocation algorithms we can expect performance glitches like that even when the API does not change.

Of course this will require some testing to verify, and I plan to help with 

Also, can you please tell me what you've done to talk with the broader
community about this?  Do we know that Emacs is the only program which
has a problem?

I have not made any special effort recently to talk to the broader community about the problem. Every GNU program I know of (and I know quite a few) will port to non-GNU-malloc systems without any special effort; just type './configure && make'. I don't know of any program that requires the glibc malloc interface, other than test programs within glibc.

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