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Re: [Libcdio-devel] libdio 0.76cvs last call?

From: R. Bernstein
Subject: Re: [Libcdio-devel] libdio 0.76cvs last call?
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 22:32:14 -0400

Nicolas Boullis writes:
 >    - there was a stupid bug in the versionning for libcdio_paranoia; I 
 >      just fixed it in CVS,

Great, Thanks.

 >    - libcdio_cdda use the cos and sin symbols but is not linked with 
 >      libm,

configure had a test in it for whether cos() was in libm, and usually
whatever the library that contains cos(), also contains sin() since they
are a quarter phase (pi/2) different.

So I've just made a change to CVS to add -lm if needed to
libcdio_cdda.pc. See if this addresses properly to problem you

 >    - libcdio_paranoia use libcdio_cdda but cdio/cdda.h includes 
 >      cdio/paranoia.h, which looks rather odd...
 > (Technically, the last point means that in Debian libcdio-paranoia-dev 
 > will depend on libcdio-cdda-dev, and that libcdio-cdda-dev will depend 
 > on libcdio-paranoia-dev; such circular dependencies bring many 
 > problems...)

I've looked at this and moved the structure that cdio/cdda.h was using
from cdio/paranoia.h int cdio/cdda.h

I think you are right from a dependency standpoint and the recent
change makes sense. But, alas, this may not also be without some
consequence. (The location of definitions I think comes from
cdparanoia, but if so it admitted that there might be some work needed
to better separate OS and driver dependencies.)

In some applications such as those that have I used with libcdio's
paranoia, I had only:

#include <cdio/cdda.h>  /* pulls in #include <cdio/paranoia.h> 
                           for versions < 0.76 */

In 0.76 with the recent change this won't work. Instead:

#include <cdio/paranoia.h> 

will work or:

#include <cdio/cdda.h>       /* These lines can be | In either order */
#include <cdio/paranoia.h>   /* in either order    | these lines can be */

will also work. I've made the changes inside libcdio's example and
test programs. The places where I've used paranoia outside (an
alternate CDDA plugin for xine and vlc's libcdio-enabled plugin) I've
changed. The only other place I am aware of might be gmerlin, so
libcdio-devel is cc'd.

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