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[Libcdio-devel] Joliet translated names

From: Chris Lalancette
Subject: [Libcdio-devel] Joliet translated names
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 13:37:37 -0500

    I have a question about using the libcdio library, that I just
can't seem to figure out by looking at the documentation/examples.
Let me lay out the situation:

I am updating a Samba VFS module to use libcdio to access CD devices
without mounting them.  What the Samba VFS module does is provide all
of the "filesystem" system calls; i.e. opendir, readdir, closedir,
open, read, write, close, stat, etc. (obviously for CDROM only the
read ones work).  So far I have it so that when opendir is called, I
use libcdio to find the directory in question, and build up a linked
list of entries.  When a readdir is called, I then "pop" one of those
entries off.  This works all well and good, as long as I do not use
"translated" names.  That is, if I build the linked list with ISO9660
(not Joliet) names, when a readdir happens, I return a name like
"foo.txt;1", and then that name gets passed back in to a stat(), or
open(), or whatever, and works fine.  If I use the name returned from
"iso9660_name_translate_ext()", then the stat() or open() cannot find
the name.  Basically I think I need an "untranslate", but I'm not
quite sure how to go about that.  Is there something obvious I am
missing here, or that I am going about in the wrong way?  If you want
to see an older version of the code (which exhibits the same
problems), please look at

Thanks for your help,
Chris Lalancette

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