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Re: [Libcdio-devel] Are there plans to support libcdio in gnome-vfs?

From: Brian Cameron
Subject: Re: [Libcdio-devel] Are there plans to support libcdio in gnome-vfs?
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 20:35:40 -0500
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Thanks for your comments.  Actually I recently traded emails on the
gnome-vfs mail alias and Alexander Larson had the following to say:

--Alex begin--

The cdda gnome-vfs backend is disabled by default, and I don't consider
it very useful. Most modern linux distros instead ship with a
url-handler for cdda:// uris so that you can click on an audio cd icon
and open the default cd player app.

--Alex end--

So apparantly I was wrong and gnome-vfs probably doesn't need to use
libcdio at all.  I think the problems with totem and rhythmbox not
working with CD's is not related to gnome-vfs, and I need to investigate
a bit to find out what the problem is.  Probably unrelated to libcdio
altogether, so sorry for the wasted bandwidth...but perhaps the good
thing, as you point out, is that we understand the bigger picture a
bit better.  I'll follow up with an email explaining how we get things
working when I'm done, if there is an interest.


 > Here at Sun we recently added libcdio to our OpenSolaris distribution
 > and we really like how it works with GStreamer.  We were easily able
 > to get sound-juicer working with it to support CD ripping on Solaris.

Thanks for the kind words. Thanks also to Ian MacIntosh (who when he
did his contribution had a Sun.COM email address).
 > However, I notice that gnome-vfs depends on libparanoia for CDDA support
 > in order for CD playback functionality to work in totem, rhythmbox, and
 > nautilus.

For the most part libcdio_paranoia is compatible with libparanioa at
the source level. That is if compiled from source and linked with the
libcdio libraries. There are some differences in the interfaces but
mostly having to do with things that probably shouldn't have been
exposed (like an ioctl file descriptor) and/or things that don't exist
in the libcdio world. To date, I've not found an application that uses
the paranoia fields that libcdio can't frobnicate.

 > Are there any plans to make gnome-vfs also support libcdio so that CD
 > playback and gnome-vfs CDDA support can work on platforms like Solaris
 > that do not support libparanoia?

I've not petitioned gnome-vfs to add support, nor has gnome-vfs
expressed interest in libcdio (if in fact they even know about it.)

But, hey, this is not uncommon in the Open-Source world. ;-)

If you think it would mean something I could ask them, instead of you.

Probably better would be to send along a patch to make it work which I
believe would be straightforward, if not trivial. In almost all other
cases where I've done so, the patch was accepted (eventually)

But I don't have the time to do so now. If you or other do, that'd be

 > Just curious if there are any plans.

But I'm reminded of that story of the little kid who asks his father 50
different questions to which the father says, "I don't know".

Kid: "You don't mind me asking you all these questions, do you?" Father: You don't ask, you don't learn. Like the father, in short, I don't know squat.

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