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[Libcdio-devel] Windows Java wrapper for libcdio

From: Mikael Barbeaux
Subject: [Libcdio-devel] Windows Java wrapper for libcdio
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2009 10:18:32 +0100

Hello to everyone,

Recently I worked on a project that aims to build a CD-DA player in Java.
Actually it's impossible using purely Java to access the CD-ROM layer, so I
decided to use a wrapper to libcdio in order to make it.
It works very well on Linux and MacOSX. But I tried to use it under Windows,
and that's quite harder... I began to use Cygwin (which I know well) to
compile libcdio : it worked, but I obtained a static library. When
converting it into a static dll library and then use it in Java, something
wrong happen. So I gave up that solution, as the dll must be packaged with
cygwin ones.
I tried to use MinGW to compile libcdio, but I must admit that even if MinGW
looks promising, it's totally crap and user unfriendly.

My question is: is there any libcdio windows binary packages ? All I need is
a shared dll library in order to use it under Windows with Java.
I tried to look projects which uses libcdio, such as VLC or mplayer, but I
couldn't find any libcdio windows library.
Any idea ? Or a good tutorial about using MinGW to compile libcdio ?
Or perhaps there are other way to compile libcdio under Windows ?

Thanks for your help,

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