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[Libcdio-devel] Re: New MMC functions to detect media type

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: [Libcdio-devel] Re: New MMC functions to detect media type
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2010 08:49:13 +0100


> I remember now You already told me how to to this.
> I spend lot of time trying to understand libcdio, SCSI MMC commands.

I once needed much more time than you to dive
into that stuff. I had a sketchy CD burn library
and the specs. It was an interesting time.

> SimpleBurn [...] is currently using cdrtools
> / cdrkit,

Here i could offer cdrskin as alternative 
to cdrecord or wodim.
Much better with DVD and BD, than the old
MMC-2 model of cdrecord. :))

> I can't remember who asked,

That was me. Because i read about SimpleBurn
that it uses cdrecord and on the other hand
you work with DVD.

For DVD one should use growisofs or libburnia
based tools.

> but it could later use libburn / libburnia (are
> these project different ? it looks
> like they share common enums and functions) with xorriso

We started
in summer 2006 on the base of
which was slow before and fell into total
passivity afterwards.

So our project is effectively the successor of
libburn-0.2. I recently tried to reach the
founders of old libburn but had no success.

Old libburn can do CD SAO and possibly some raw
modes. I have never explored the raw writing
which would lead to the formats described in
some of the Rainbow books. Mainly because i do
not have any music/video CD players.
(libcdio would be an appropriate test environment
for such an endeavor. My excuse is void now.
So i have to resort to the fact that no user
waits for raw writing. Only CD-TEXT is requested.
But that should be possible with SAO too.)

I added to the repertoire: CD TAO, multi-session,
DVD and BD, pseudo drives emulated on disk file
objects, automatic write mode selection.
Vreixo Formoso and Mario Danic started a new
libisofs because the old one was not usable
for real tasks.

By putting this together i created xorriso, a
burn program that goes one step beyond
growisofs. It does not need to run mkisofs.
What a relief !

Our libburn is API compatible to old libburn.
Old libburn programs (there are few) are supposed
to run on libburn-0.7.6 after re-compilation.
Regrettably i broke ABI compatibility when i
added a component in the middle of a API struct.
I noticed only after release and so i could
not revoke the change without breaking the ABI
That glitch was in version 0.3.2.
We had a mess with numbers up to
that version anyway. 

But since march 2007 libburnia is safe for
runtime-linking of old apps with newer
We also provide means to check at runtime whether
the loaded library is modern enough. So one does
not have to rely on the checks of the package

Have a nice day :)


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