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[Libcdio-devel] CD-Text API changes

From: Leon Merten Lohse
Subject: [Libcdio-devel] CD-Text API changes
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 23:57:03 +0100
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I would like to present you the new CD-Text API for further discussion.
With version 0.82 there was: 
 const char *cdtext_field2str (cdtext_field_t i);
 void cdtext_init (cdtext_t *cdtext);
 void cdtext_destroy (cdtext_t *cdtext);
 char *cdtext_get (cdtext_field_t key, const cdtext_t *cdtext);
 const char *cdtext_get_const (cdtext_field_t key, const cdtext_t *cdtext);
 cdtext_field_t cdtext_is_keyword (const char *key);
 void cdtext_set (cdtext_field_t key, const char *value, cdtext_t *cdtext);
 cdtext_t *cdio_get_cdtext (CdIo_t *p_cdio, track_t i_track);

Only the first block/language would be parsed, there was a seperate
cdtext_t struct for each track.

The new API supports all 8 blocks and language selection. To keep it
simple everything is now stored in one central cdtext_t struct. This
also makes sense for reasons other than simplicity of code. If an audio
disc has CD-Text, it must be there for all tracks and it is stored in
subchannels in the lead-in area. Libcdio reads and parses the
information at once.

Now there is (some of it not yet commited):
  const char *cdtext_genre2str (cdtext_genre_t i); // new
  const char *cdtext_lang2str (cdtext_lang_t i); // new
  const char *cdtext_field2str (cdtext_field_t i); // unchanged
  void cdtext_init (cdtext_t *p_cdtext); // prototype unchanged
  /* parses binary cd-text information into a cdtext_t struct */
  int cdtext_data_init(cdtext_t *p_cdtext, uint8_t *wdata, size_t length); // 
  void cdtext_destroy (cdtext_t *p_cdtext); // unchanged
  /* new track parameter, changed order */
  char *cdtext_get (const cdtext_t *p_cdtext, cdtext_field_t key, track_t 
  /* new track parameter, changed order */
  const char *cdtext_get_const (const cdtext_t *p_cdtext, cdtext_field_t key, 
track_t track);
  cdtext_lang_t cdtext_get_language (const cdtext_t *p_cdtext); // new, 1)
  bool cdtext_select_language(cdtext_t *p_cdtext, const char *lang); // new, 2)
  cdtext_lang_t *cdtext_languages_available (const cdtext_t *p_cdtext); // new, 
  /* returns cd-text binary as it is */
  uint8_t * cdio_get_cdtext_raw (CdIo_t *p_cdio); // new
  /* calls cdtext_data_init on the return value of cdio_get_cdtext_raw */
  cdtext_t *cdio_get_cdtext (CdIo_t *p_cdio); // unchanged

1), 2) and 3) allow to navigate the available languages.
1) returns the active language, 2) selects another languages, 3) prints
the available languages.

genre2str and lang2str are needed for numerical fields that were not
read before.
cdio_get_cdtext_raw's returned data can be directly saved into a file
for further use with libburnia, cdrecord or cdrdao. It is the format
the (now supported) CDTEXTFILE tag in a cue sheet expects.
cdtext_data_init can be used for images that provide binary CD-Text.

The cdtext_t struct now holds the CD-Text of the whole disc. So most of
the functions need a track argument now.
I moved the cdtext_t parameter to always be the first in every function.

I chose to move cdtext_is_keyword from the public header into the
private one. I see no use of it other than image parsing.
( Do you think cdtext_set can go there, too? Why would anybody need it?)

I hope I was able to explain the motives behind the changes a little
If you can think of anything that should be (un)done before the new
release, please comment.

Currently I am still updating the documentation and example files but I
hope I can send in the patch with the language selection in the next few


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