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Re: [Libcdio-devel] Fedora bug report concerning CD-TEXT

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: [Libcdio-devel] Fedora bug report concerning CD-TEXT
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 16:10:47 +0200


Leon Merten Lohse wrote:
> I would strongly object on that. cdtext_set() is the public function to work
> on the cdtext_t struct.

Well, it knows how to find the predecessor text of the same category.

> cdtext_set is part of the API

I was not aware of that.

> TAB-Completion can also be implemented in cdtext_data_init without
> causing that much trouble.

A new function seems appropriate to encapsulate that job.
It would have to decide whether a single TAB or a double TAB is
expected and present, and whether the category is subject to TAB
repetition. Then it would have to make sure that a predecessor
of the same category exists.

> > I wonder why  test/cdtext.right  does not show an ARRANGER of track 2
> Because it was also affected by 'The Hunt'-bug and is in fact not 'right'.

Indeed. 'Tom Cat' is a typical victim.

So this time we should verify the .right file by the two .v07t files,
which show the actually intended CD-TEXT content. We should put them
into libcdio/test/data for reference and for future editing.


cd-info does not represent from v07t:
  Closed Information  = This is not to be shown by CD players
  Text Data Copy Protection = OFF
  Closed Information  = Dies sollten CD-Spieler nicht anzeigen.
  Text Data Copy Protection = OFF
Elsewise the content of my .right and .v07t files look ok to me
if .right got produced with the experimental libcdio changes.
nightcats_ii_en_de.cdt with current libcdio demonstrates all three

So where to send them ?

And where to document that the .cdt file was produced by burning
a CD

  cdrskin dev=/dev/sr0 -v blank=as_needed -eject \
          input_sheet_v07t=nightcats_ii.v07t \
          input_sheet_v07t=katzenmusik_ii.v07t \
          -sao -audio -swab track1 track2 track3

and then reading the packs by

  cdrskin dev=/dev/sr0 -v cdtext_to_textfile=nightcats_ii_en_de.cdt

Have a nice day :)


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