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Re: [Libcdio-devel] [RFC] Alternative proposals: pragmatic-multiextent t

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: [Libcdio-devel] [RFC] Alternative proposals: pragmatic-multiextent ts-multiextent
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2018 09:12:36 +0200


Pete Batard wrote:
> the test suite fails for testisorr.exe with the
> following testisorr.log.
> -- Good! Did not find Rock Ridge in D:/libcdio/test/data/copying.iso
> -- Should have found Rock Ridge for D:/libcdio/test/data/copying-rr.iso
> FAIL testisorr.exe (exit status: 2)

My fault in commit 293970cbb861994849bae8d88b2f132830ff4718 :

  @@ -1844,7 +1844,7 @@ iso_have_rr_traverse (iso9660_t *p_iso, const 
iso9660_stat_t *_root,
  return dunno;
  - ret = iso9660_iso_seek_read (p_iso, _dirbuf, _root->extent_lsn[0], blocks);
  + ret = iso9660_iso_seek_read (p_iso, _dirbuf, _root->total_size, blocks);
  if (ret != blocks * ISO_BLOCKSIZE) {
  return false;

I really should not have replaced extent_lsn[0] by total_size.

Fixed by commit 45bedf88fea555db729cc9a1bc55c9dda06e0b9d :

  -  ret = iso9660_iso_seek_read (p_iso, _dirbuf, _root->total_size, blocks);
  +  ret = iso9660_iso_seek_read (p_iso, _dirbuf, _root->lsn, blocks);

Have a nice day :)


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