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Re: [Libcdio-devel] OpenBSD vs libcdio vs Audacious

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: [Libcdio-devel] OpenBSD vs libcdio vs Audacious
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2019 18:43:58 +0100


> ERROR [scan_cd]: Cannot set drive speed.

Message seems to come from audacious-plugins.
Error cause seems to come from libcdio-paranoia/lib/cdda_interface/interface.c
function cdio_cddap_speed_set().
In libcdio it's lib/driver/device.c cdio_set_speed() calling
lib/driver/gnu_linux.c has a .set_speed:

  cdio_funcs_t _funcs = {
    .run_mmc_cmd           = run_mmc_cmd_linux,
    .set_arg               = set_arg_linux,
    .set_blocksize         = set_blocksize_mmc,
#if 1
    .set_speed             = set_speed_linux,
    .set_speed             = set_speed_mmc,

(lib/driver/FreeBSD/freebsd.c too.)

In lib/driver/netbsd.c the initialization of cdio_funcs_t _funcs ends

    .set_arg               = set_arg_netbsd,

I would give set_speed_mmc() a try.
Alternatively one could try to find a set-CD-speed ioctly of NetBSD.


> read_audio_sectors_netbsd: SCIOCCOMMAND1 cmd 0xbe sts 0 lsn 0 nblocks 37

0xbe is SCSI command READ CD.
What riddles me is "sts 0" because
both say

  #define SCCMD_OK      0x00

lib/driver/netbsd.c emits the message only if

        if (req.retsts != SCCMD_OK) {

and then prints req.retsts as "sts %d".

So why does the message get printed at all if req.retsts == 0 ?
(Edd: Are the "lsn" and "nblocks" fields additions in your branch ?
 I cannot find such messages in my local clone.)

> Fetching the first sector of a track always makes an SCSI error.

If this is a real error (despite "sts 0") then it would be interesting
to learn the Sense bytes and especially KEY, ASC, ASQ of the error.
They are supposed to be in
  scsireq_t req.sense
with the number of the bytes in
  scsireq_t req.senselen
if (req.retsts == SCCMD_SENSE).

If (req.sense[0] & 0x7f) is 0x72 or 0x73, then KEY, ASC, ASCQ are in
req.sense[1], req.sense[2], and req.sense[3] respectively. Such errors
cannot come from the drive but e.g. Linux emits them from its OS layers.

Else (0x70 or 0x71) KEY is in req.sense[2], ASC in req.sense[12],
ASCQ in req.sense[13]. This is the format specified by MMC for optical

(NetBSD knowledge taken from libburn which learned it from growisofs.
 SCSI knowledge from SPC-3, MMC-5, SPC-1.)

Have a nice day :)


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