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Re: [Liberty-eiffel] Trying to get compile_to_c.c compiled on Windows

From: Cyril ADRIAN
Subject: Re: [Liberty-eiffel] Trying to get compile_to_c.c compiled on Windows
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 21:12:04 +0200


did you use the very latest germ? The line numbers point to "break" instructions, I don't understand. And r641collect() does not exist :-(


2013/7/27 H. Zwakenberg | Ocean Consulting GmbH <address@hidden>
Hi Group,

this week I've started an effort to get compile_to_c.c compiled on 64-bit Windows, using the free Pelles C compiler.  It turns out to be that Pelles C needs a specific compiler setting to be able to process compile_to_c.c further.  That out of the way, there were _some_ error messages:

pocc.exe -std:C99 -Tx86-coff -Zi -Ob1 -fp:precise -W0 -Gd -Ze -Go -Tamd64-coff "C:\Users\Hans\Desktop\Liberty-master\resources\smarteiffel-germ\compile_to_c.c" -Fo"C:\Users\Hans\Desktop\Liberty-master\resources\smarteiffel-germ\output\compile_to_c.obj"
C:\Users\Hans\Desktop\Liberty-master\resources\smarteiffel-germ\compile_to_c.c(402396): error #3119: [asm] Redefinition of symbol '@487453'.
C:\Users\Hans\Desktop\Liberty-master\resources\smarteiffel-germ\compile_to_c.c(402399): error #3119: [asm] Redefinition of symbol '@487454'.
C:\Users\Hans\Desktop\Liberty-master\resources\smarteiffel-germ\compile_to_c.c(402402): error #3119: [asm] Redefinition of symbol '@487455'.
C:\Users\Hans\Desktop\Liberty-master\resources\smarteiffel-germ\compile_to_c.c(402405): error #3119: [asm] Redefinition of symbol '@487458'.
C:\Users\Hans\Desktop\Liberty-master\resources\smarteiffel-germ\compile_to_c.c(626716): error #3119: [asm] Redefinition of symbol 'r641collect'.
error #3119: [asm] Redefinition of symbol '..?unique?27760'.

As the code around lines 402396.. are generated by the bootstrap (?) there is not much I on my side can do about the redefinitions reported by Pelles C.  Please advice on how to proceed...

btw.  Putting Pelles C in the highest debug mode tuns up an rather _large_ collection of variables that are initialised but never used...


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