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Re: [Liberty-eiffel] adler

From: Cyril ADRIAN
Subject: Re: [Liberty-eiffel] adler
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2013 07:09:31 +0100

Hi Paolo,

First of all, please make sure that your head commit dd224a4cd63789ba56bcac1b8a1d225e7378d4fa never goes upstream! please :-)

I made the same mistake (a simple git pull) but I had a chance to destroy it before being pushed: git reset --hard HEAD^

but since your commit is already public you'll have to git reset HEAD then commit.

See this interesting link:

I'll build rc1 today or (more likely) tomorrow.


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2013/11/4 Paolo Redaelli <address@hidden>
Il 04/11/2013 13:11, Cyril ADRIAN ha scritto:
> All,
> The "adler" branch is created. ET is switched to that branch until the
> final adler release is out.
> Paolo, I wait for you to have cleaned the wrappers before building rc1.
I freshly checked out adler branch.
Wrappers seems almost clean, with the notable exceptions of gobject and
gobject-introspectio which aren't used anywhere in adler.
I removed them. It's better to have fewer, clean wrappers than
half-done, unfinished or unpolished ones.
Let's build rc1

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