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Re: [Liberty-eiffel] adler rc2

From: Cyril ADRIAN
Subject: Re: [Liberty-eiffel] adler rc2
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 09:14:21 +0100


2013/11/12 Raphael Mack <address@hidden>
Do you think it is worth trying to setup some kind of 32-bit chroot? Or
better another VM with a 32-bit system installed? (I guess I would have
finished the second faster as I never used the deb-package tools) Or are
the snapshots not that important such that even the handmade 32-bit
packages are the simplest (=best) solution?

I tried the VM approach but it corrupts my box (I don't know why), so I stopped the mess.

I was not aware of the chroot way; it's worth a try. I'll try to try it today (no warranties, job, IRL, and all that kind of things) ;-)


Cyril ADRIAN (from office)
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