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Re: [Liberty-eiffel] LibertyEiffel (Adler) installation fails

From: Joe Abbate
Subject: Re: [Liberty-eiffel] LibertyEiffel (Adler) installation fails
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 08:56:22 -0400
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On 12/08/14 04:41, Christian Rinderknecht wrote:
> I followed your advice and the build process goes much further until a
> halt (taken from the log):
> ============
> System call "gcc -pipe -O2 -fno-gcse -c -x c clean.c".
> In file included from clean.c:23:0:
> clean.h:617:19: fatal error: gc/gc.h: No such file or directory
>  #include <gc/gc.h>
>                    ^
> compilation terminated.
> ../compile failed with status 1
> ============
> I cannot find gc.h anywhere. Any hint?

That's part of the libgc-dev package, i.e., Boehm-Demers-Weiser garbage
collector, which you're supposed to install.  See


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