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Re: [Liberty-eiffel] Trying to learn the C-generator....

From: Cyril ADRIAN
Subject: Re: [Liberty-eiffel] Trying to learn the C-generator....
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 09:13:43 +0200

2014-08-15 19:45 GMT+02:00 Raphael Mack <address@hidden>:
I don't know the C generation part at all, so please, Cyril correct me
where I'm wrong. Here is what I'd do (and did, just out of curiosity):

That is the correct way. I use it pretty often ;-)

Concerning se_cmpT706 -- it should not have been generated; the function is not used anywhere because all the calls have been optimized away. 

I'll try and fix that, or at least understand why the function is still generated.



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