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Re: [Liberty-eiffel] Request for feedback about proposed changes

From: Cyril ADRIAN
Subject: Re: [Liberty-eiffel] Request for feedback about proposed changes
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2016 22:46:58 +0200

Hi Hans,

One potential issue I can think of when renaming to liberty.conf: most Liberty configuration files use the ".se" suffix as a convention for configuration file (I think of,… others?) The source tree contains about 150 such files.

Do you propose to rename all those files?

Furthermore, how do you manage compatibility (people are bound to have their own .se files)?

Maybe Curtiss should allow both .se and .conf files, with a deprecation warning.

What do you think?



2016-06-15 22:02 GMT+02:00 Hans Zwakenberg | Ocean Consulting GmbH <address@hidden>:
Hi group (Mehul, especially for you too!),
some of you might have noted that I've been working on removing support for old legacy systems.
In lieu of these acctivities I noted that Apple Inc. hasn't sold 'Macintoshes' for quite a few years and since refers to them as 'Mac'.  In addition to this Apple sells a second group of mobile products.  Basically, software for their products are deployed on either OSX or IOS.  For the upcoming Curtiss release,  I'd like to bring our configuration file in line with this.
Unless any one of you has ligit objections, I'm going to rename the current platform support 'OSX' instead of 'Macintosh'.  If no objections exist, this change is going to be committed to the current master-branch early next week.  All branches up to 'Bell' are _not_ going to be affected.
A second issue I'd like to raise is the naming of the config file itself.  Liberty Eiffel has evolved a lot and has moved way beyond the legacy SE compiler.  The time has come that Liberty emancipates itself from the old days and that we document this by using a consistent naming scheme across platforms.  Discussions with Rapha, Paolo and others gravitate towards calling the configuration:  'liberty.conf'.   As with our proposal above, this change will be committed to the master-branch sometime next week, unless ligit objections should exist.  Again: the branches up to 'Bell' will _not_ be affected.


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