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[Liberty-eiffel] Fwd: OrgaDoc 0.9 Release

From: Paolo Redaelli
Subject: [Liberty-eiffel] Fwd: OrgaDoc 0.9 Release
Date: Mon, 22 May 2017 16:03:28 +0200
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I should rejoice for every release of a GNU package.

And I do rejoice for renewed efforts on this program.

You may wonder why I forward it. That's easy.

It is implemented in GNU Eiffel. But a "slightly old" release: SmartEiffel 1.1, Gobo 3.3 and Expat library.

It may seem to be a huge failure of mine - I feel responsible for the sad state of Liberty Eiffel these days - but as I gave a quick glance to its logs ( I discover another truth: there a 13 years interval between the commits of 0.9 release and previous ones.

It was 2004, a vastly different world.

I think it would be a nice idea to politely get in touch with Adam and ask him if we can team up: orgadoc may be a good test bench for the Liberty.

A quick survey of the sources reveal that Gobo is used for its lexer and parser generators which may be replaced.

Let me dive a little deeper in their code, I dearly wish I could help them to update to Liberty...

-------- Messaggio Inoltrato --------
Oggetto: OrgaDoc 0.9 Release
Data: Fri, 12 May 2017 09:20:01 +0200 (CEST)
Mittente: Adam Bilbrough <address@hidden>
A: address@hidden

GNU OrgaDoc 0.9 has been released.

GNU OrgaDoc is designed to easily copy and maintain a pool of 
documents between computers.
You can synchronise your documents pool with rsync or unison.
You do not need to install a database server or HTTP server or
a script language, you only need OrgaDoc to generate
HTML pages and to perform queries.

GNU OrgaDoc Website:

User Documentation:

Source Tarballs:

To verify the files, you will need to import the public key:
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys A81462EB


961A B15C 62EF 3B92 DAB5 9659 88C3 D2BE A814 62EB

# Changes since v0.8 #
 * Fixed deprecated functionality in the build scripts
 * Changed config and templates default path to '/usr/local/etc/orgadoc/'
 * Added 'GNU' to 'OrgaDoc' strings in templates, texi and .e files
 * Improved the INSTALL instructions
 * Corrected some spelling mistakes in the documentation
 * Added Updated GPL3 notice
 * Updated TODO document
 * Removed 'debian' from manpages
 * Updated '--version'


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