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[Liberty-eiffel] Good news: Status on Liberty

From: Raphael Mack
Subject: [Liberty-eiffel] Good news: Status on Liberty
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2018 22:01:39 +0200

Hi all,

Just a short message to inform you that we’re increasing our activities
to continue and speed up (again) the development of Liberty Eiffel:

* The Liberty Eiffel website has been upgraded to use SSL (thanks to
Hans' initiative).
* As our server is located in Europe, we’ve extended the content to
become compliant with the European GDPR-mandate.
* We’re pushing for the Curtiss-release, which might still be some
months away.
* Petru Gurita created an initial Liberty Eiffel Windows distribution in
lieu of his 2016 Google Summer of Code project. Hans is revisiting
Petru’s work to bring it in line with Windows 10 requiremnts. We expect
a fully functional Windows distribution to widen up our target audience
* Germán Arias has created a wrapping for IUP, which is a multi-platform
toolkit for building native graphical user interfaces. Supported systems
include GTK+, Motif and Windows.
* Paolo Redaelli has created a øMQ-wrapping some time ago. Concurrency
across network nodes has come to Liberty Eiffel...
* Mehul Sanghvi has been working on OSX support, would be great if this
work could be finalized for curtiss release.

If you have any ideas/improvements that should be integrated into the
Curtiss release, please let everyone know. Preferably with some form of
contribution - code would be best - because like many free/libre open
source projects progress will be slow if the community doesn't

To give you some ideas, where contributions would be helpful here's a
short list (without any particular order):
* C-part of the networking plugin for Windows.
* modern HTML for the eiffeldoc output (in form of plain HTML, or eiffel
code to patch eiffeldoc).
* Marketing and Community-Building (Hans is a candidate)
* The øMQ-wrapper needs to be tested and example code and documentation
needs to be created for it.
* We'd like to see liberty compiling gobo-based projects, but we
currently have no idea what would be missing to achieve that. A
TODO-list for that would be helpful to see the status, patches would
even be better.
* ECMA compliancy is a target, but here too it is unclear whether the
list on is already
* maintaining the debian packages within the debian project
* every task or bug on savannah waits for closure
* projects (even if very small) using liberty eiffel
* a small liberty-IDE, or eclipse integration
* whatever is interesting for you - we'd like to see you having fun with

Whenever you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Kind regards, and stay tuned,

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