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Re: default or foo

From: Paolo Redælli
Subject: Re: default or foo
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2022 08:31:41 +0200
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Il 03/07/22 20:30, Raphael Mack ha scritto:

Anyhow I would propose we get curtiss release out and discuss such new
features for dennis. Maybe someone can check in ISE whether there is a
similar thing or ask the community there what they think...

In my humble opinion we shall add two strategic feature of ECMA: Void-safety (keyword attached and detachable) and convertions (keyword convert).

See basically the syntax is

if attached x as l_x then l_x.f (a) end


my_attached_string: attached STRING

my_detachable_string: detachable STRING

This would greatly enhance capabilities and expressiveness of the language.

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