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[Libffcall] Introduction_mail

From: Ishpuneet Singh
Subject: [Libffcall] Introduction_mail
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 22:22:31 +0530

Hello folks,

I am Ishpuneet Singh and this mail is all about my introduction before
all of you. I am a CSE final year student and a complete geeky freak
guy in respect to my work and gadgets. My past work experience
reflects a good hold on javascript, c/c++, designing and server

Precisely I want to work on the 'Avcall and Callback Cleanup' project
and I am equally excited, focused to work and learn from you all and
thanks for bearing me.

Failure can surely shatter you but to be true in the long run it enriches you.
----- Ish

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