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Failed: Hydra job gnu:libidn-master:tarball on x86_64-linux

From: Hydra Build Daemon
Subject: Failed: Hydra job gnu:libidn-master:tarball on x86_64-linux
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2014 21:47:35 +0200


The status of Hydra job gnu:libidn-master:tarball (on x86_64-linux) has changed 
from "Dependency failed" to "Failed".  For details, see

This is likely due to 63 commits by AndersonTorres <address@hidden>, Aristid 
Breitkreuz <address@hidden>, Austin Seipp <address@hidden>, Baptist BENOIST 
<address@hidden>, Bjørn Forsman <address@hidden>, Boris Sukholitko 
<address@hidden>, Cillian de Róiste <address@hidden>, Daniel Peebles 
<address@hidden>, Domen Kožar <address@hidden>, Emery Hemingway 
<address@hidden>, Francesco Lazzarino <address@hidden>, Glenn Morris 
<address@hidden>, John Wiegley <address@hidden>, Luca Bruno <address@hidden>, 
Mateusz Kowalczyk <address@hidden>, Michael Raskin <address@hidden>, Moritz 
Ulrich <address@hidden>, Nathan Bijnens <address@hidden>, Pascal Wittmann 
<address@hidden>, Peter Simons <address@hidden>, Ricardo M. Correia 
<address@hidden>, Sander van der Burg <address@hidden>, Shea Levy 
<address@hidden>, Shell Turner <address@hidden>, Tino Breddin <address@hidden>, 
 illiam A. Kennington III <address@hidden>, aszlig <address@hidden>, koral 
<koral att mailoo dott org>, viric <address@hidden> or wyvie <address@hidden>.

Go forth and fix it.


The Hydra build daemon.

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