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[Libjit] Getting started on the project, looking to contribute, have som

From: Ben Vanik
Subject: [Libjit] Getting started on the project, looking to contribute, have some questions
Date: Wed, 1 May 2013 23:58:39 -0700

I'm looking to use libjit for a project I'm hacking on and was curious about the receptiveness to patches that add opcodes and instructions and what the process for doing such would be.

e.g., are opcodes required to be implemented for all platforms or is a fallback intrinsic + at least one platform good enough? I don't have an ARM device so I wouldn't be able to provide that. What's the right way to add a test? The .pas files? Are those thorough or is there another way of testing that doesn't require learning Pascal?

As an example of the kinds of opcodes I'd want to add I'd point to the missing byte swap instructions common on most platforms that are extremely valuable when processing non-native endian data. There are also missing SSE instructions that are useful for math-heavy applications..

When it comes to submitting a patch, how do you take it? Mailing a .patch to the list? A code review tool like Rietveld (

Also, perhaps it's a good time to clean up some of the older files in the repo as for someone coming into the project new they are quite confusing. For example, the NEWS is anything but, the README references an author, company, and links that don't seem to be active in the project anymore, and it's difficult to tell what features are supported without reading the source code. Putting some information in a CONTRIBUTING file would help newbies like me from asking so many questions, too :)

Good to see some activity here, and I'm hoping to contribute!

Ben Vanik

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