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updating code in the jit context...

From: kris
Subject: updating code in the jit context...
Date: Wed, 20 May 2020 10:49:18 +0100

hello folks.
I'm thrashing around for a way to run code and replace parts on the fly.
I have this going in a bytecode environment but want to extend it to native.
in general jitting looks to be the way and in particular libjit looks
close - I think it's ELF handling
means I can take the object files from an established compilation
chain and add them all
to a libjit context, then just invoke the entry point function.
however, my aim is to implement a development cycle that creates new
versions of those
object files.
for that I would need to be able to drop the memory allocated for a
particular injected object
file and for the new object file's symbols to overwrite existing one's
in the symbol table (the order  of reloading object files ensures no
patching of existing in-memory code needed).
unfortunately jit_readelf_add_to_context doesn't return any means of
tracking the object
so I guess there is no provision for unloading code.
is that the case?
if not, is there any technical reason that precludes it?


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