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[libmicrohttpd] Building LibMicroHttpD on Visual Studio 2008

From: Satya Sidhu
Subject: [libmicrohttpd] Building LibMicroHttpD on Visual Studio 2008
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 16:44:20 +0530

Hello Everybody
Our project requires us to build the libmicrohttpd server on Visual Studio 2008. First I had tried using the windows binaries available, but while trying out the first example from the tutorial I got an access violation exception from the dlls. So I decided to build your code from the source. Thus I checked it out using SVN and have almost got it built (I hope) on Visual Studio 2008 except for gettting three linking errors.
In your file, plibc.h, you have 3 function prototypes/declaration:
void* _win_tsearch(const void* __key, void** __rootp, PLIBC_SEARCH__compare_fn_t  __compar);
void* _win_tfind(const void* __key, void* const* __rootp, PLIBC_SEARCH__compare_fn_t  __compar);
void* _win_tdelete(const void* __restrict __key, void** __restrict  __rootp, PLIBC_SEARCH__compare_fn_t  __compar);

The plibc library that I downloaded does not have the definitions for these functions. Hence I am getting link errors. To be honest I couldnt find a library that has the definition of these functions. Hence do you know of any library for windows which has the definition for these functions, else if you have implemented them on your own could you plese send me their definition/implementation.

Any other suggestions are also most welcome.

Thanking you.

Best Regards,
Satya Sidhu
Satya Sidhu
ABB Global Industries and Services Limited
Whitefield Road
560048, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA
Phone: +91 80 42069817

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