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[libmicrohttpd] Scenario when a http response is not sent in MHD_AccessH

From: John Lee
Subject: [libmicrohttpd] Scenario when a http response is not sent in MHD_AccessHandlerCallback
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 16:54:10 +0000

Hello there,
My plan is for my app to receive HTTP request post payload in MHD_AccessHandlerCallback and from there to queue up these HTTP requests to be processed by a thread in my app storing off the MHD_Connection *. When the thread in my app has successfully processed the HTTP request it then uses the MHD_Connection * to send the HTTP response into MHD. The problem I'm having is when I return control back to MHD from MHD_AccessHandlerCallback with a return of MHD_YES. Even though I may generate say 465 HTTP requests from a test script and my app responds with 465 responses, MHD generates 4584 HTTP requests with 4584 - 464 errors getting reported when calling MHD_queue response (as the response has already been queued)?

My intention is to return control back to MHD when I receive a HTTP request without sending a response back immediately, and I want MHD to then still process new incoming HTTP requests. Should I be using upload_data_size to indicate an unprocessed request along with MHD_YES; and shall this allow MHD to serve new HTTP requests on the same or different connections?
BRs //John.

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