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Re: [libmicrohttpd] Problems with libmicrohttpd and IE7/IE8 on WinXP

From: Gerrit Telkamp
Subject: Re: [libmicrohttpd] Problems with libmicrohttpd and IE7/IE8 on WinXP
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 10:21:39 +0200
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Dear Christian,

thank you very much for your statement - it is very helpful.

I hope to not repeat previous discussions again, but I have found out that:
- IE7 works with the GNUtls test site: - using the newest libgcrypt (, downloaded from, date 17/06/10) does NOT help to get the MHD application working.
-> it seems that the bug is not in GNUtls

Thank you again,


Am 23.06.2010 10:00, schrieb Christian Grothoff:
Dear Gerrit,

As it has been mentioned on the mailinglist in the recent past, there are
known issues with SSL (and in particular with IE).  At this point, I am not
aware of a solution (other than starting a longer hacking session on the
MHD/GNUtls code).



On Sunday 20 June 2010 16:40:20 Gerrit Telkamp wrote:

I have a problem using a libmicrohttpd application with HTTPS: I'm not
able to open the page with the Internet Explorer (IE7, IE8) on Windows XP.
Other browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari) are working well with the same

MHD always gives the following message
"Error: unrecognized TLS message type: 128, connection state: secure
connection init. l: 254, f: MHD_tls_connection_handle_read "

I've found out that the IEs on WinXP are not supporting AES-256, but
they support AES-128.
The option MHD_GNUTLS_CIPHER_ARCFOUR_128 (instad of
The same certificate and key files works on ther servers with IE, so it
seems to me that it is a problem with libmicrohttpd.

Is there someone who got libmicrohttps successfully working with SSL on
IE browsers?
Are there any other options to be set?

Thank you for your help,


- libmicrohttpd: version 0.4.5
- gcc version: 4.4.3, target: arm-none-linux-gnueabi

Compiling options:
./configure --prefix=/arm --host=arm-none-linux-gnueabi

./configure --prefix=/arm --host=arm-none-linux-gnueabi
              --disable-dev-random --with-gpg-error-prefix=/arm

./configure --prefix=/arm --host=arm-none-linux-gnueabi
              --enable-largefile --enable-messages --enable-https
              --enable-client-side --disable-coverage

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