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Re: RESOLVED [libmicrohttpd] Memory leak?

From: Erik Slagter
Subject: Re: RESOLVED [libmicrohttpd] Memory leak?
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 19:39:13 +0100
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Based on your code, I can clearly see that the callback is called, but
obviously with the wrong address. However, the MHD code internally clearly
uses the right address, so the best explanation for the difference would be
some kind of memory corruption going on in between.  Have you tried valgrind
on your code?  Again, if you can produce a stand-alone *compiling* example
where the issue still arises, I'll be happy to take another look, but so far
this seems to be most likely a bug in the rest of your C++ code.  The way you
use the API (from what I can see) seems to be fine.

When I was stripping the code to bare basics, I found out that the parameter sequence for my callback function was wrong, the struct MHD_Connection * and the void ** con_cls where reversed, so that also explains why I got a pointer so close to the actual correct pointer. From a quick glance at the output, it seems that all runs okay now and the memory is released at last. I'll have to run it (again) through valgrind yet.

I guess that's the disadvantage of passing function pointers using a mechanism that doesn't support prototypes.

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