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Re: [libmicrohttpd] Remove plibc?

From: Evgeny Grin
Subject: Re: [libmicrohttpd] Remove plibc?
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2014 18:29:39 +0400

So, to remove plibc form code we need:
* implement simplified errnoFromLastErr()
* add _win_recv, _win_send, _win_accept, _win_socket, _win_setsockopt, 
_win_bind and _win_listen to MHD.
And all of them will be
_type ret = func();
return ret;
For compilers with inline support they can be inlined.

* add simplified implementation of _win_socketpair(). I'd name it MHD_pipe and 
remove #ifdef from code.
* add very simplified implementation of _win_strerror(): it must process only 
winsock specific errors and call host strerror() for rest of errors.
* add native Win32 parts to memorypool.c

Is implementation of select() really required? Isn't simple wrapper enough?

I created public repo to work on this task: (branch
LRN and grothoff have write access to this repo.
We can start by removing not used already functions/wrappers.


26.01.2014, 04:21, "LRN" <address@hidden>:

>  Going back to the list of imports:
>  Wrappers that ARE needed (require errno conversion):
>  _win_recv
>  _win_send
>  _win_accept
>  _win_socket
>  Wrappers that are NOT needed, but are good to have for error reporting
>  (again, they do errno conversion):
>  _win_setsockopt
>  _win_bind
>  _win_listen
>  Implementations (may or may not be simplified, depends on the case):
>  _win_mmap
>  _win_munmap
>  _win_select
>  _win_socketpair
>  _win_strerror
>  Wrappers that are not needed:
>  _win_close - define CLOSE(s) closesocket(s)
>  _win_shutdown - define SHUTDOWN(s) shutdown(s)
>  _win_write - wrapper
>  Utility functions that are likely not needed:
>  _SetErrnoFromWinError - client and wrapper/implementation code will be
>  synchronized with regards to error handling (i.e. the function will
>  only convert the errors that the caller checks for), so this generic
>  function is only needed for error reporting (and having actual W32
>  error codes is usually better for that purpose anyway).
>  plibc_init     - they mostly do unneeded stuff, however WS2 startup
>  plibc_shutdown - and cleanup functions may need to be called in MHD.
>  Implementations that are not needed (already in MHD):
>  _win_tdelete
>  _win_tfind
>  _win_tsearch

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