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Re: [libmicrohttpd] Need --disable-examples

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: [libmicrohttpd] Need --disable-examples
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2014 23:28:28 +0100
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I checked, and none of the examples require epoll().  Some use epoll()
conditionally (if available), but that is fine and the code does compile
if I pass --disable-epoll to configure.

Having an option to disable examples entirely is IMO not a great idea,
we should just make sure to only compile those that do work. If you have
a specific instance of configure options/platform and examples that
FTBFS, please do let me know. But I tested epoll() -- and at least with
*recent* MHD builds all should be fine.

Happy hacking!


On 11/04/2014 06:07 PM, Ken Bass wrote:
> For some reason I thought it worked at one point, but the configure
> script could use a working --disable-examples option.
> If I recall, the examples do not properly build on different platforms.
> For example, if --disable-epoll is specified, it still tries to build
> examples that use epoll.
> Other failures I recall are demo.c failing with an undeclared
> MAGIC_MIME_TYPE. There may have been others, but recently I have just
> been resorting to hand editing the src/Makefile to remove examples from
> the SUBDIRS variable, but I thought I would report this.
> Thanks

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