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Re: [libmicrohttpd] suspend/resume patch

From: Kenneth Mastro
Subject: Re: [libmicrohttpd] suspend/resume patch
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2016 13:45:15 -0400

I don't really know enough about this to offer a strong opinion.  With that caveat in place...

I tend to try to write code that is 'fault tolerant' when possible - if I'm asking the code to do something that's already done, it ends up being a no-op.  When writing multi-threaded code, that's usually a lot easier than dealing with the (possible) error.

In this case - I see Christian's point.  This could be a serious error in the app.  However - with what I just said above in mind - maybe MHD being "nicer" about it would be helpful in some situations.

As a compromise, how about some way to just ask MHD if the connection is already suspended?  If you have a situation like Flavio's, he'd still have to do the check, but at least this way he's not having to keep a parallel state in his code.  I.e., he could write his own 'suspend' function that checks if it's suspended and just makes the MHD suspend call if it's not.  Not dissimilar to what he's doing now, but the storage is probably more reliable.


On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 1:41 PM, Evgeny Grin <address@hidden> wrote:

On 20.04.2016 19:27, Flavio Ceolin wrote:
> Any other thoughts about this ? Should I consider this change not wanted
> ?

Please note, that connection in suspended mode still counted for IP
limits and pre-daemon limit, but will not timeout.
You changes are not perfectly thread-safe. If you don't know connection
suspended/resumed state, then MHD_resume_connection() could return but
connection will be suspended (as state may be changed by other thread
during execution of MHD_resume_connection() in this thread).

Best Wishes,
Evgeny Grin

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