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[libmicrohttpd] [GSoC Update] Week 1

From: Didik Setiawan
Subject: [libmicrohttpd] [GSoC Update] Week 1
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2017 23:46:58 +0700
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================================= SUMMARY ======================================
My public fork of Wget2 project is available here [1]. I will continuously keep
pushing my work so anyone interested can track me there. Feel free to
participate in the discussions going on merge request with my mentors. Your
feedback are highly appreciated.

=============================== INTRODUCTION ===================================
The purpose of this project is to use Libmicrohttpd as test suite for Wget2.  I
plan to do this by do some changes on function wget_test_start_server() also
wget_test_stop_server() on src/libtest.c of Wget2. With this approach, I don't
need to change existing test suite which call the internal server code through
functions mentioned above. I've count there are 36 test file which use
wget_test_start_server(). I must ensure all the test passed.
And for installation prerequisite, I must ensure that Libmicrohttpd are included
when building Wget2 binary. Then I need to modify I will give
proper warning about this requirement. There is a section in where I
must explain to user to provide Libmicrohttpd to make all test running
With Libmicrohttpd I can add new test using feature that not yet implemented in
old server code, but ready on Libmicrohttpd, such as HTTP authentication [2] and
concurrent request checking. 

Darshit Shah <address@hidden>
Ander Juaristi <address@hidden>

================================== UPDATES =====================================
Things which were done in this week:

 * I have finished modify to include Libmicrohttpd into Wget2. I
   keep my work in this branch [3] of my repository.
 * I have ensured that all make check passed on several testing machine
   including: Debian/GCC, Fedora/Clang, MingW64 [4] and OSX [5]. Especially for
   MingW64 build, because I haven't found the correct package for Libmicrohttpd,
   I include Libmicrohttpd by downloading the source and compile manually. See
   [6]. Any better idea will be reconsidered and appreciated.
 * With Libmicrohttpd becomes mandatory package to install before building Wget2
   binary, there must be proper warning about this requirement, otherwise the
   building process will fail. I have add oneliner information into
   Please notice me if there are some other places where I can add warning like

================================= NEXT STEPS ===================================
Things which would be done in the coming week:

 * Finished on wget_test_start_server() in order to call Libmicrohttpd as
   service for wget_test().


Didik Setiawan

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