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[libmicrohttpd] HTTP/2 Support on GNU Libmcrohttpd

From: Didik Setiawan
Subject: [libmicrohttpd] HTTP/2 Support on GNU Libmcrohttpd
Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2017 04:37:36 +0700
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Dear All,

I just reiterate a question about is there any plan to make GNU Libmicrohttpd to
support HTTP/2?

If not, may I bother if we are willing to propose new change about that? Adding
HTTP/2 support to Libmicrohttpd. I know this can be categorized as non trivial
task, since for me myself, there are still many unresolved tasks regarding GSoC
2017. But, if you agree, I will start work in this topic once my tasks
completed, in the near weeks. I'm new to HTTP/2 and how to implementing RFC into
real software so any guide and pointers are really appreciated.

I open this question because in Wget2 project, there is a requirement about
testing Wget2 HTTP/2 code. Currently, I working on a topic of integrating
Libmicrohttpd into Wget2 as http server. Unfortunately, Libmicrohttpd is not
supporting HTTP/2 yet. And it will be nice if Libmicrohttpd has support on it,
so both of the project could have benefit from it.

Didik Setiawan

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