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Re: [libmicrohttpd] Possible bug on macOS Sierra

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: [libmicrohttpd] Possible bug on macOS Sierra
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2018 22:34:23 +0100
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Try casting the 8*1024*1024 to a "size_t" explicitly. I suspect on your
Mac-Machine, you have maybe a 64-bit size_t and then things go very
wrong if you pass a 32-bit argument.

Note that the microhttpd2-API that I've started to hack on is supposed
to categorically eliminate such API-usage bugs, but it'll take quite
some time to be implemented (main lesson I've learned so far: the change
is HUGE).

Happy hacking!


On 02/28/2018 12:05 PM, Giovanni Mascellani wrote:
> Dear developers of microhttpd,
> trying to port an application using microhttpd to macOS, I hit a strange
> behaviour. Could you help me understanding whether it is my fault or a
> hint of a bug?
> Consider the attached file micro.c, which is the example on [1] with a
> few modifications in the parameters of MHD_start_daemon. If I compile it
> on Linux (Debian unstable with distributed microhttpd), it works fine.
>  [1]
> If I compile it on macOS Sierra (with microhttpd 0.9.59 from brew), the
> compilation succeeds, but when I execute:
> $ ./micro 1234
> Failed to create listen thread: Resource temporarily unavailable
> However, if I switch MHD_OPTION_NOTIFY_COMPLETED and
> MHD_OPTION_THREAD_STACK_SIZE (together with their arguments), or if I
> remove either of the two, then it compiles and runs correctly. Is this
> the intended behaviour?
> (to my actual case it matters very few, since switching back the two
> options is perfectly fine; however, this seems funny, and I thought that
> you might want to check it thoroughly, if this is not meant to happen)
> Please Cc me when replying, I am not subscribed to the list.
> Thanks for your work on microhttpd!
> Giovanni.

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