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[libmicrohttpd] make MHD behave as a HTTP 1.0 server

From: Gauthier Haderer
Subject: [libmicrohttpd] make MHD behave as a HTTP 1.0 server
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2018 21:03:02 +0200


I attached a patch which adds a response flag to force version to HTTP 1.0 in
responses but still maintaining connection management.
The existing MHD_RF_HTTP_VERSION_1_0_ONLY flag already changes MHD's
behavior to apply HTTP 1.0 rules for connection management. When
enabled, MHD sends a response using the same version as used in the
 request (is this normal?).
 What I want is MHD responding as a HTTP 1.0 server with support for
 connection management headers would do. This is what the
 MHD_RF_HTTP_VERSION_1_0_RESPONSE response flag is for.
 You can even combine it with MHD_RF_HTTP_VERSION_1_0_ONLY to change the
response's HTTP version while maintaining strict compliance with HTTP
1.0 regarding connection management.
This solution is not perfect as this flag is set on the response which
is created after header processing. So MHD will behave as a HTTP 1.1
server until the response is queued. It means that an invalid HTTP 1.1
request will fail even if the response is sent with HTTP 1.0 and the
request would be valid if interpreted with this version. For example,
this request will fail in strict mode:
GET /dummy HTTP/1.1
as the Host header is missing and is mandatory in HTTP 1.1, but it
should succeed when interpreted with HTTP 1.0.
I don't think this is a big issue in practice. Besides, being able to
change the HTTP version on a response basis is really convenient when
using MHD in a test framework where I need to validate a client against
HTTP 1.1 AND HTTP 1.0 as I can start a single server for the whole set
of tests to run.

Do you think this is something you could consider integrating mainstream?



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