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[libmicrohttpd] Question about threads pool and TLS

From: Iron Bug at
Subject: [libmicrohttpd] Question about threads pool and TLS
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2020 00:11:19 +0500

Greetings, everybody.
I write a little network utility using ibmicrohttpd on Linux and I use MHD 
threads pool for better performance.
My utility uses DB connections and ideally I'd like to have one connection 
instance per thread to avoid unnecessary locks.
I can use pthreads means (like pthread_key_create) for local thread storage, 
but how can I determine when the thread is created and joined? Is there any 
events or callbacks at every worker thread's start and end where I could hook 
on to open and close my DB connections?

Thanks in advance.
Yana A. Kireyonok aka Iron Bug
Iron Bug at <>

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